Decorated Army General and Campaign Chairman to Dr. Ben Carson
To Request General Bob Dees as a Speaker

From a Major General in the US Army, to the Campaign Chairman for Dr Ben Carson, there isn't much Robert "Bob" Dees hasn't done. Throughout his career, he has maintained focus and integrity while moving and motivating the men and women that surround him.  A natural leader, Bob Dees will speak to your audience on a number of topics that will leave them motivated and wanting more for their lives.

Great For:

Men's Events, Conferences, Church Outreach Weekends, Sermons, Fundraising, Benefits, Veterans and Military Services


Author Of:

Resilient Nations, Resilient Leaders, Resilient Warriors


As Seen On:

Fox News, Newsmax, Liberty University, New Canaan Society, FOX Business, and others.



Military Appreciation, Resilient Nations (National Renewal), Resilience God Style (Personal Resilience, including applications to family), Resilient Leadership, Christian Patriotism and Citizenship

Author of Resilience Trilogy


While troops, veterans, and military families must dig deeply to bounce back from the challenges and trauma of military service, the reality is that all of us need resilience. We are each "warriors" as we battle the trials and tribulations, the body slams of life. We each need the ability to get better and not bitter when the unexplained storms of life assault us, our families and friends, and our very identity. In each of the resilience trilogy books, we address how to "build bounce," how to "weather the storm," and how to "bounce back without getting stuck;" written largely from the context of the military with a rich salting of inspiring stories and valuable spiritual principles.

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Join the Movement...Resilience God Style...Coming Soon!

Learn how to incorporate God Style Resilience into your personal life, those you lead, your church and together as a nation.

Resilience God Style

Study Series...

Personal Resilience...

Grow in your knowledge, appreciation, and application of God's Word to build great resilience in our lives and those we love.

Leader Resilience...

Learn to lead those you lead in stronger personal resilience building and growing together in fellowship and mutual support with those you lead.

National Resilience...

Resilience is a critical life skill for these challenging times. Learn to be part of a movement of making our nation stronger and more resilient one person at a time in our communities.

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